Professional Cleaning Services

Flexi Capital Limited

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet cleaning prices:
  • minimum charge per visit £40
  • Bedroom £25
  • Living room £35
  • Corridor £15
  • Staircase £1.50 per stair
Upholstery cleaning prices:
  • A sofa £25
  • An arm chair £20
  • Dining chair £10
Mattress cleaning prices:
  • Single £15
  • Double £20
  • King £25
  • Queen £30

All prices is including VAT.

Carpet cleaning:

We are one of the premier Carpet cleaning Services in London. We offer a high quality cleaning. The machines that we use is for professional and commercial cleaning. As well as our chemicals are amazing what job they do. We provide our customers with the deepest clean possible. All the products and chemicals what Flexi Capital use  is safe for You, children and pets.

Upholstery cleaning:

Flexi Capital provide excellent upholstery cleaning as well as mattress cleaning. Upholstery surfaces are object to contact with human skin on a daily  basis. This mean that your body is depositing millions of skin cells onto your upholstered surfaces each day. And that comes that you must clean your upholstered surfaces on regular basis. We also provide leather cleaning with proffessional products.

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